• Heidi Grimwood

CBD Massage - A Fad or Legit?

Since introducing CBD Spa and our massage treatments we have been met with mixed emotions. Some people love the idea and completely understand how incorporating trigger point massage therapy with CBD oil will create amazing results, others see it as another fad or scam that is there to make a quick buck and leave the scene soon after.

I suppose it's important to explain our journey about why we were even introduced to CBD oil. Bryan my partner has suffered from eczema for as long as he can remember, I've never seen such extreme symptoms, to be honest it's been tough to watch someone you love in so much pain all the time. So when I suggested CBD oil, it turned out Bryan had already been looking into it himself. But we were both bamboozled with so much information, no one seemed to be able to give us the right information. We asked for certificates, testimonials - none of which they could or would supply us. So needless to say we were a little dejected from our research.

Only by chance was I introduced to a company in Europe who made their own CBD mix and the owner has so much knowledge I just knew I was on the right path. So we ordered a 2000mg oil and Bryan started to take the oil daily. It took about a month before he really started to see results and it literally seemed to happen over night, his skin started to clear, he wasn't itching and the inflammation was almost zero externally. We couldn't believe our eyes so Bryan started to reduce the dosage to see if it was just coincidence - but when he did his skin started to inflame again. We were over the moon, it's been a life changer for him. Since May 2019 he has not needed antibiotics, steroid cream or doctor/hospital visits - not only are we saving a fortune but Bryan has his quality of life back.

I have been working in the wellness industry for over 23 years, first starting as a fitness instructor and nutritional therapist then becoming a spa manager and traveling the world. I have been working as a business development consultant for a long time and work closely in spas and salons worldwide. I was watching the industry digest the idea of using CBD oil in spa treatments and didn't like what I was seeing. Businesses WERE seeing it as a quick way to make money by just adding CBD oil to their existing treatments. In my head it didn't sit right because this isn't just a quick fix potion to add into any treatment, if treated right CBD oil can, does and will change peoples well-being. So I decided to research some of the best massage techniques that would not only be thoroughly enjoyable but also target key pain areas for the client and treat the direct areas. Working with my amazing trainer Lauren we developed a treatment process that includes a full consultation for each treatment to ensure the client is making the right progress based in the concerns they have, then a targeted treatment to treat the areas of concern with our high quality CBD oil. Then the therapists will recommend a home care program which will include ingesting the CBD oil for ultimate results in-between treatments.

But we decided we needed more than this, so our spa training academy The Spa Hub got the training CPD certified so all therapists would be officially accredited as CPD massage therapists. We are currently developing our next phase of training which will give each therapist a CPD accreditation as a CBD consultant. Education is key to ensuring we are developing and improving our treatments all the time.

For us this is only the start of our journey and we are really looking forward to developing more treatments and protocols to treat different ailments and conditions.

If you are interested in experiencing a CBD massage you can visit The Buff Day Spa in Dublin which is the first spa in Ireland to offer CBD massage.

If you are a clinic, spa or salon and interested in introducing CBD massage to your business feel free to contact me direct or call 085 7330038.


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