• Heidi Grimwood

Introducing CBD Massage on Your Spa or Salon Treatment Menu

The amazing benefits of using CBD oil is becoming more and more popular in recent months. People are still very unsure as to who is a reputable company and where they can get the best information from. So, it is important to know that if you are considering introducing CBD massage into your business, you are forearmed with enough knowledge and information for you, your staff and your clients.

Massage alone offers amazing results for our spa and salon clients but for some reason we often fail to create a large following of repeat, regular clients from offering this service alone. You may wonder how you can create an exceptional experience that gives your clients amazing results not only during the treatments but also once they leave. Ultimately we want to create a reason for clients to keep returning, knowing that with each visit they are getting better and better. You want an experience that means they will tell their friends and recommend your massage services resulting in a high guest return ratio and high level of referrals. As we know it cost five times more to gain a new client versus a referral client. But also more massage often takes its toll on your therapists so it can be a catch 22.

At CBD Spa we highlighted this issue and debated how we could create a treatment that was exceptional to the client, with techniques that see amazing results whilst looking after the well-being of the therapist. As we know therapists are getting burned out from all the massage in their columns and we are losing many highly skilled practitioners in the industry due to the lack of well-being for our teams.

Heidi Grimwood, International Spa Consultant and Lauren Starkey Treatment Trainer, collaborated to create a massage system combing CBD oil with trigger point massage therapy to create the ultimate CBD Spa experience wherever you are.

How does CBD work on the body? In simple terms CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is derived from the hemp plant so has traces of THC (psychoactive effect) which will cause the ‘highs’ that people experience from the marijuana plant.

We all have an endocannabinoid system which is our body’s natural healing ability. CBD oil will activate this healing system encouraging our body to heal and reduce pain signals to the brain. CBD has been document to assist with pain management, inflammation, sleep, anxiety, the list goes on.

At CBD Spa we combined the healing power of massage with targeted myofascial trigger point therapy and the power of CBD oil. The treatments are consultation lead; all therapists will undergo intensive training with Lauren our trainer to ensure they are fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to give exceptional treatments every time. All therapist training is CPD accredited and they have unlimited access to the online training academy where they can continue their learning and development.

Feedback from some of our current therapists offering CBD Spa Massage treatments:

‘ Clients are booking back in for the CBD massage where they weren’t as regular with the normal massage’

‘ It’s a game changer for giving treatments, the clients love it, and I can see as a therapist it gives a much deeper level of relaxation that regular massage can’t give’

‘I love giving this treatment, my clients are just amazed with how good they feel after just one treatment’

If you think that CBD Spa massage treatments would be a good fit for your business and your clients, feel free to contact Heidi on to organise a no obligation consultation.


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